Are you an independent producer wishing to pitch a TV series or multi platform concept for a Blue Ant Media channel?

  1. Read our pitching process instructions below
  2. Download the Blue Ant Media submission form here
  3. Submit your form, proposal and visual materials to the appropriate contact, listed below

If you have an idea for a fresh new show that speaks to a passionate audience, we’re interested. Blue Ant Media approaches content in many ways; we commission content from independent producers, we engage in treaty co-productions, we execute service production, we run our own in-house production unit and we acquire fully completed docs and series from around the world

What are we looking for? Content that gives our viewers the opportunity to watch interesting people doing interesting things and enjoy unique access into special worlds. We look for concepts with characters that are upbeat, vibrant, energetic and active. Our programs aren’t lessons, but rather they offer viewers entertaining and compelling takeaways.


All proposals must be accompanied by a Blue Ant Media submission form.

We require a one- to two-page proposal that clearly outlines what the program is about.
Please do not submit pages of research about a subject. The proposal should answer the following questions:

  • What is the show about? What is the hook? What makes this unique?
  • What will happen each episode?
  • Who are the main characters or hosts? And what makes them ideal to tell these stories?
  • What makes this a series that has the potential to continue for many seasons?
  • What is the shooting and editing style?
  • Who is the production team?
  • What is the budget range?

Demos are preferred:
A demo is the best way to best show us your characters, their world and the vibe of your idea. It doesn’t need to be long, just a couple minutes. All series proposals and demos will be reviewed by our programming team. If declined, you’ll receive notification by e-mail.

Please include a finance plan in your proposal. Blue Ant Media has a CMF envelope, for Canadian productions, which may be applied to qualifying projects.
 We can only accept proposals for Blue Ant Media-owned channels.


Please send proposals for T+E, Cottage Life, Smithsonian Channel Canada and Makeful to: Kayla Van der meer Program Planner, Blue Ant Media,

Andrea Harrick_500x500

To pitch fully completed docs and series from around the world for Blue Ant International to acquire for all Canadian channels, please contact Andrea Harrick,

Please send proposals for Love Nature to, or to pitch fully completed docs and series for all Love Nature territories, excluding Canada, please submit to

You can also send proposals and materials by regular mail: 
Blue Ant Media.
130 Merton St. Suite 200. Toronto. ONT. M4S 1A4