Expanded catalog offers new genres, including

scripted programming, HDR content, 360 video and new and

returning 4K and HD titles from award-winning factual entertainment production companies worldwide

Image: The Inspectors (44x30’HD; Litton Entertainment) will be available at MIPTV.

Image: The Inspectors (44×30’HD; Litton Entertainment) will be available at MIPTV.

Toronto, ON (March 14, 2017)Blue Ant International, a division of Blue Ant Media and leaders in global content distribution, announces today the addition of 160+ hours of new premium content to its catalog ahead of MIPTV. The distribution group has expanded its slate of co-productions with a growing library and new genres of content including family-friendly scripted programming such as The Inspectors; its first HDR documentary, Alaskan Summer; and a new 360 video series, Paranormal Survivor: Evil Surrounds You.

With the largest catalog of 4K wildlife and nature programming on the market, Blue Ant International will arrive at MIPTV with new deliveries from Blue Ant Media’s celebrated production partnership with Plimsoll Productions, Camp Zambia. The two-year project continues to produce stunning 4K natural history content with cutting edge technology and military-grade, Selex thermal imaging cameras. New content landing at MIPTV includes Growing Up Wild (3×60’4K), Wild Survival (3×60’4K), Untamed Valley (3×60’4K), Africa’s Hunters II (6×60’4K) and Guardians Of The Wild II (4×60’4K).

Blue Ant International has also expanded its UHD offering with its first HDR documentary, Alaskan Summer (1×60’HDR), which the team will unveil at MIPTV.

New and returning 4K series, from top-tier global production companies, include Africa’s Claws & Jaws (4×60’4K; Off The Fence), Rewilding Europe (3×60’4K; Taglitch Media), Arctic Secrets, Season 2 (3×60’4K; White Pine Pictures) and Arabian Inferno (5×60’4K; Blink Films) to its growing UHD offering, all available at MIPTV for the first time.

Building on Blue Ant International’s recent production and distribution output deal with CMJ Productions, two new factual entertainment series have been added to the distribution group’s library; Guilty Rich (6×60’HD), commissioned by Discovery ID and A Know It All Guide To ...  (12×30’HD), a co-production between FYI, Blue Ant Media and CMJ Productions (12×30’HD). The distributor has also renewed its output deal with Our House Media which has delivered two new HD titles: Home Chef to Pro Chef (14×30’HD), Paranormal Survivor III (10×60’HD) as well as a new 360 digital video series, Paranormal Survivor: Evil Surrounds You. As a result of an exclusive distribution output deal with Cream Productions, the distributor has also added Evil Nature (12×60’HD) to its global offering.

New HD factual entertainment offerings include Canada: The Story Of Us (10×60’HD – Bristow Global Media) and Brojects In the House II (13×30’HD – Farmhouse Productions).

Blue Ant International’s ongoing expansion into new genres has seen the group add scripted fare to its programming lineup. The latest addition includes The Inspectors (44 x30’HD – Litton Entertainment).

“We continue to seek out new partnership opportunities and co-production opportunities with premium global content companies,” said Solange Attwood, SVP, Blue Ant International. “At MIPTV, we’re launching our first scripted series and aim to broaden our offering for our clients worldwide.”

New HDR and 4K Natural History Highlights:

Alaskan Summer (1×60’HDR; Blue Ant Media)

Shot in stunning HDR, Alaskan Summer reveals the vibrant majesty of the US’s most northern state. From the breathtaking coves, bays and inlets that showcase the rugged beauty of Baranof Island to the Glacier Bay where Humpback and Killer whales navigate the calm waters among towering glaciers and soaring mountains, this is an Alaskan journey like none-other.

Growing Up Wild (3×60’4K; Plimsoll Productions)

This exciting, character-based behavioural series follows a colourful array of species as they are born, mature and have families of their own. From bush babies finding their independance, to leaders of the pack stepping down after a long and relentless reign learn how African wildlife navigate the various stages of the circle of life.

Wild Survivor (3×60’4K; Plimsoll Productions)

Africa’s animals display an incredible diversity – countless species have evolved into endless shapes, colours and sizes. Each has its own solutions to day-to-day problems and each behaves differently in its quest to eat, mate and survive. Wild Survivor takes a look at the relationship between animal and environment and reveals the various ways each impacts the other’s survival.

Untamed Valley (3×60’4K; Plimsoll Productions)

The Luangwa Valley wetlands are host to a variety of species, each in a constant struggle for dominance. This three part series explores some of the valley’s most diverse habitats, while sharing the dramatic stories of the of the characters and communities that compete for territory and survival.

Africa’s Hunters II (6×60’4K; Plimsoll Productions)

We return to Zambia’s Luangwa Valley where new leaders have emerged. An audacious, three-year old leopard has won her first territory but is mercilessly challenged by older rivals. Meanwhile, The Misfit, a runt lion cub finding its way through survival, has found his place in the pride and befriends a starry-eyed new cub who needs to do the same. Across the valley, a hyena cub born into power struggles to maintain her position.

Guardians of the Wild II (4×60’4K; Plimsoll Productions)

Some of Zambia’s most amazing species – elephants, lions, wild dogs and hyenas – are also the hardest to study. This series follows the day-to-day challenges facing conservationists and scientists working in the Zambian wilderness as they discover new insights into some of Africa’s most charismatic animals.

Africa’s Claws & Jaws (4×60’4K; Off The Fence)

From the razor sharp teeth of the great white shark, to the lightning fast strike of a black mamba, we explore some of the most dangerous animals known to man. While some use their overwhelming strength to overpower enemies, others use lethal venom. This is the story of attack and defined, predator and prey and the urge to kill or be killed.

Rewilding Europe (3×60’4K; Taglitch Media)

Nature and wildlife in Europe is in a state of dramatic change. Once extinct species are being reintroduced into the countryside with fascinating results. This series discovers these new, yet ancient wildernesses on the continent that we know so well. Rewilding Europe follows the newly reintroduced animals as they try to navigate their way through the wilds of Europe and rediscover their rightful home.

Arctic Secrets (3×60’4K; White Pine Pictures)

We journey to the most remote Arctic landscapes, populated with animals and plants that been adapted to survive in the harshest climates on the planet. Using remote camera technology, Arctic Secrets explores this land through spectacular and never-before-seen, aerial panoramas.

Arabian Inferno (5×60’4K; Blink Films)

The parched and barren landscape of the Arabian Peninsula offers a vivid backdrop for life in the harsh desert. Water is scarce and death due to the extreme heat is common, yet a natural world continues to flourish. Follow some of the desert’s most iconic creatures and learn the unique ways in which they’ve adapted to the stark conditions around them.

New Scripted Highlights:

The Inspectors (44×30’HD; Litton Entertainment)

This Emmy Award winning, scripted dramatic series is set in Washington, D.C. and is inspired by compelling real cases handled by the United States Postal Inspection Service. Preston Wainwright (Bret Green), a determined teen who is thriving after being paralyzed in a car accident, works as an intern for his U.S. Postal Inspector mom, Amanda (Jessica Lundy), helping to solve crimes ranging from Internet scams to identity and mail the to consumer fraud.

New HD Factual Entertainment Highlights:

Guilty Rich (6×60’HD; CMJ Productions)

Guilty Rich uses stories of “affluenza” crimes as a window into the lavish lifestyles and extreme wealth that caused them. This unique series brings viewers access to excess like never before. Focused exclusively on stories where the uber-rich are in some way guilty, every episode pulls the curtain back on the insane money and privileged mentality that fueled each crime.

A Know It All Guide To ... (12×30’HD; CMJ Productions)

From the robot that measures the crunch of a Dorito to the fascinating Scoville Heat scale that accurately measures the spiciness of your hot sauce, A Know It All Guide To … uncovers all of the “are you kidding me?” facts, tricks and taste-science that make our favourite foods so irresistible.

Home Chef To Pro Chef (14×30’HD; Our House Media)

A compelling combination of passion, wish fulfillment and food programming, each episode of Home Chef to Pro Chef gives one person the opportunity to fulfill their fantasy of running a dinner service in a real restaurant for real, paying customers.

Paranormal Survivor III (10×60’HD; Our House Media)

For those who still don’t believe in ghosts, Season 3 of Paranormal Survivor will have audiences thinking twice about strange shadows and sudden chills. Each episode will get inside the heads of survivors who share their first-hand experiences with the supernatural, brought to life through terrifying re-enactments.

Paranormal Survivor: Evil Surrounds You (6×1’HD; Our House Media)

Paranormal Survivor: Evil Surrounds You is a collection of six scary shorts produced using 360 degree technology. Each one-minute short takes the viewer into an everyday scene in a house, whether it’s watching tv, looking for the fuse box in the basement or checking in on a child sleeping at night. Using a tablets, smartphones or cursors through YouTube,  viewers are able to search around the room as the scene unfolds to see evil surrounding them.

Evil Nature (12×60’HD; Cream Productions)

In this harrowing new docu-drama series, we share salacious stories of murder and mayhem that occur far from the bright lights of the big city.

Canada: The Story Of Us (10×60’HD; Bristow Global Media, Nutopia)

Canada: The Story of Us is a modern history series for a new generation. The ten-part series full of adventure and discovery reveals the extraordinary tale of the diverse people, places and events that shaped Canada. Included are stories of change makers and rule breakers, dreamers and visionaries, scientists and entrepreneurs who forged a nation in a vast and harsh land.

Brojects In The House II (13×30’HD; Farmhouse Productions)

The brothers are back in the house to tackle more cool and quirky builds that will unlock the potential of this indoor retreat.

Blue Ant International, a Blue Ant Media division, is a leading content distribution company with the largest slate of native 4K nature and wildlife content globally. Its diverse catalog of over 2,300+ hours includes award-winning factual, factual entertainment, lifestyle, reality, documentary series, high impact docs and blockbuster formats. With offices in the UK and Toronto, the company’s library includes I’ve Got Something To Tell You (from UKTV and ZigZag Productions; 6×60’HD), Haunted Case Files (Our House Media; 13×60’HD) and How The World Ends (CMJ Productions; 6×60’HD). Blue Ant International’s offices are located in Toronto (Canada) and London (UK).