Love Nature’s Orangutan Jungle School Gives Little Primates the Chance to Graduate to Life in the Wild

By November 14, 2018Press Releases

Love Nature’s latest original series premieres during cross-Canada, eight-week free preview event

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(Toronto, ON – November 14, 2018) Learning to be wild is the end goal for several little orangutans in Love Nature’s newest original series, Orangutan Jungle School. The 10-part docu-soap follows the hilarious antics, triumphs and struggles of a group of orphaned orangutans as they progress through a unique forest school system. The series was filmed in Borneo, Indonesia, where the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) manages the largest primate rescue and rehabilitation project in the world. Over the course of the stunning series, viewers get to know the unique stories and personalities of the orangutans as they learn skills that will one day enable them to live without human help in a true wilderness. In the jungle classroom, lessons include cracking open a coconut, nest building, becoming aware of snakes and learning how to become an expert climber. The series will premiere on Love Nature on Sunday, December 2 at 8 p.m. ET/PT during an eight-week free preview, now in effect.

“The endearing personalities and funny mishaps that these endangered orangutans get into are truly captivating, and viewers will become emotionally invested in their crucial journey to live in the wild,” said Jamie Schouela, President, Canadian Media. “Orangutan Jungle School is a great example of the character-led nature and wildlife programming we’ve lined up on Love Nature, which will be available coast to coast as part of the channel’s free preview.”  

Over the course of the series, the orangutans experience friendship, romance, bullying, danger, drama, humour, heartache and reunions, all with the ultimate triumph of graduating the jungle school. They include an all-star lineup of best mates, rivals and prima donnas, such as:

        • Valentino: the class clown who BOSF carers hope will smarten up enough to graduate
        • Mema: a picky eater who thinks snack time is gross
        • Malika: the clumsy toddler who doesn’t know how to climb
        • Benny: the little glutton who has to go on a diet
        • Cinta: one of the Jungle School’s cleverest, boldest and most resourceful students who is full of surprises.

The docu-series, which premiered in the UK and Singapore earlier this year to rave reviews, is an entertaining and fascinating insight into the world of endangered orangutans, which will foster awareness for the plight of this endangered species and the fragile ecosystem in which these charismatic creatures lead their lives.

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