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Catalogue will offer 40 hours of native 4K content

Toronto, ON (September 22, 2015)Blue Ant International, a division of Blue Ant Media and leaders in 4K unscripted content worldwide, announces new 4K titles in the nature, wildlife and documentary categories including Great Blue Wild, Land of Gremlins and Seasons of the Wild coming to MIPCOM. With a diverse catalogue of over 1,700 hours, Blue Ant International will also bring new and returning HD titles in the factual entertainment category to the market.

“We continue to deliver a larger and more diverse slate of content in factual, lifestyle, reality and documentary series and formats that have global appeal,” said Solange Attwood, SVP International, Blue Ant Media. “Also of note is the launch of over 40 new hours of native 4K wildlife programming.”

4K series launched at MIPCOM include:

Seasons Of The Wild (2 x 60’ 4K)
Submerge yourself into the unique ecosystem of Florida’s Everglades and witness the impact of the wetlands’ two-season cycle on the creatures that prowl the swamp. In Seasons Of The Wild, watch the dynamic landscape evolve, and see how the local animals adjust.

Great Blue Wild (6 x 60’ 4K)
Zip up your wetsuit and go on an adventure with the world’s greatest dive shops. Hear the incredible stories from dive-shop pros as they share their encounters with the beautiful animals of the deep sea, including dolphins, manta rays, humpback whales and sharks. With stunning underwater footage accompanying each escapade, Great Blue Wild provides an intimate look into the impression deep-sea adventure can leave on even the most experienced professionals.

Land of Gremlins (3 x 60’ 4K)
In Land of Gremlins, discover Madagascar’s most extraordinary endemic species, including the endangered Silky Sifaka lemur and Ploughshare tortoise. With 90 percent of all life on Madagascar found nowhere else on earth, there truly is no place like the Land of Gremlins.

Mysteries of Evolution (6 x 30’ 4K)
The natural world is full of puzzles and problems that science is still working to answer. Why did penguins stop flying? Why do female cheetahs cheat? On Mysteries of Evolution find the solutions to nature’s toughest questions.

New HD series launched at MIPCOM include:

Murder U (6 x 60’ HD)
Evil blossoms and thrives in the hothouse atmosphere of college life. From higher education’s ivy-covered walls, manicured lawns and leather-bound libraries come terrifying tales of murder and mayhem. In Murder U, revisit grizzly crime scenes and student-body slayings that have scandalized campuses from coast to coast. Captured through dramatic re-enactments and first-hand testimonies, relive the dorm-room terror as wicked deeds unfold under the idyllic settings and fun times of college life.

Endless Yard Sale Showdown (8 x 60’ HD)
Endless Yard Sale Showdown turns yard sale bargain-hunting into an exciting competition, as three teams race to find the best hidden treasures, bargains and steals and be crowned Endless Yard Sale Showdown champion.

Kitty 911 (10 x 30’ HD)
Helpless and abandoned stray cats and kittens live in peril from predators and disease. Frontline cat sanctuary volunteers save kitties in crisis in these heart-warming rescues, relocations and adoptions.

Knock Knock Ghost (6 x 60’ HD)
From mysteriously creaking floorboards to unexplained light shows, is it paranoia or the paranormal? Comedian Richard Ryder and his ghost-hunting team endeavour to find out as they travel to historic haunts spend the night at each spooky locale and conduct strange experiments to find out what’s lurking in the dark.

Returning series at MIPCOM:

Backroad Bounty, Season 2 (13 x 60’ HD)
How many treasures can you uncover out in the country? In Backroad Bounty, antique experts Marty and Bam Bam take you on a tour of only the best undiscovered vintage gems – think everything from antique furniture to forgotten family heirlooms. Hear the stories behind every piece, plus get insight into the value too. It might just inspire you to clean out your garage.

Brojects, Season 3 (13 x 30’ HD)
In Brojects, brothers Kevin and Andrew are masters of the coolest, most extreme renovations to their weekend getaway home. Brotherly teasing and one-upmanship is par for the course as they turn their dock into a bowling alley, build a chair ski so that they can combine water sports with relaxing, or construct the ultimate resort-inspired swim up bar – all in an effort to create the ultimate summer weekend.

Paranormal Survivor, Season 2 (10 x 60’ HD)
Do you believe in ghosts, poltergeists, and demons? Paranormal Survivor will take you through terrifying real-life encounters with the supernatural. Hear from those who’ve faced these feared spirits – and watch dramatic recreations that lure people back to the scenes of these harrowing confrontations.

What’s For Sale?, Season 3 (13 x 30’ HD)
A vacation home is a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a place to relax in nature and strip away the stress. Each episode follows a family looking to purchase the perfect getaway. With the help of rock star realtor Rob Serediuk, viewers watch the family explore three properties and ultimately decide which vacation home is the one for them.

Blue Ant International is a leading global content distribution company and a leader in native 4K nature and wildlife programming. Its diverse catalogue of over 1,700 hours includes award-winning factual, lifestyle, reality and documentary series and formats. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the company’s catalogue includes The Weapon Hunter (Cream Productions; 6×60’ HD), Wild Ride (Nomadic Nation; 16×30’ HD) and Live Here, Buy This (JV Productions; 52×30’ HD). Blue Ant International is a division of Blue Ant Media.

Blue Ant Media is a privately held media company that owns and operates 10 media brands including Cottage Life, T+E, Love Nature, Makeful, Smithsonian Channel Canada and AUX. Blue Ant Media creates and distributes content ranging from music to outdoor living, DIY to nature, engaging fans across television, digital, magazines and live events. Blue Ant Media is based in Toronto and produces experiential events and specialized consumer shows and has investments in Omnia Media, a Los Angeles‐based YouTube network and Choice TV, a New Zealand broadcast network.


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