Catalog includes new short-form 4K and HD content

in the natural history, comedy, animation, paranormal and lifestyle genres

from global top-tier production companies

Paranormal Survivor: Evil Surrounds You (6×1’360° & HD) is available for distribution at MIPTV 2017.

Toronto, ON (March 30, 2017)Blue Ant International, a division of Blue Ant Media and leaders in global content distribution, announced today that it has expanded its existing offering of premium content with a new category, Digital Studios, ahead of MIPTV. Working closely with global top-tier production companies, the distribution group now offers short-form digital content in the natural history, comedy, animation, paranormal and lifestyle categories.

“The appetite for short-form content, to fuel social media and digital platforms, continues to rise as buyers seek out this content to complement their linear television brands worldwide,” said Solange Attwood, SVP, Blue Ant International. “Our clients know that viewer consumption habits continue to rise on emerging platforms and we will continue to meet their demands and deliver this product.”

The expanded slate of short-form content includes new series featuring innovative technology that attracts highly-engaged audiences worldwide. An example of this type of series is Paranormal Survivor: Evil Surrounds You (6×1’360° & HD; Our House Media). This show was produced using 360-degree technology and puts the viewer in the middle of a truly eerie paranormal experience and allows the viewer to fully engage with the scene.

As the leader in 4K wildlife and nature programming, Blue Ant International will arrive at MIPTV with new short-form natural history series. Highlights include Wild Moves (6×3-5’ 4K & HD; Blue Ant Media), 4K Baby Wildlife (56×60’ 4K & HD; Blue Ant Media) and Casey Anderson’s: Wild Earth (6×3’ 4K & HD; Vision Hawk Films).

Another series that taps into a highly-engaged foodie fan base globally is Home Chef to Pro Chef (8×1’HD; Our House Media). This digital short series is great for passionate food lovers looking for additional, professional cooking advice.

Blue Ant International adds non-linear series to its comedy, animation and lifestyle genres including Prank You (6×30’HD; Comedy; Blue Ant Media), The Brief (4×6’ HD; Comedy; Original Inc), Gary and Demons (8×30’HD/16×11’HD; Animation; Look Mom! Productions) and Brojects/Brojects In The House (36×1’/9×1’HD;Lifestyle; Farmhouse Productions).

New short-form series available at MIPTV:


Wild Moves (6×3-5’ 4K & HD; Blue Ant Media)
Wild Moves showcases the powerful feats that are otherwise too fast for the human eye to catch in stunning 4K slow motion featuring a Peregrine Falcon, the fastest animal on Earth and a cunning chameleon as it extends its tongue at a speed of 97 KMs per hour.

4K Baby Wildlife (56×60’ 4K & HD; Blue Ant Media)
This series takes viewers up close to frolicking baby rhinos, trotting warthogs or clinging emperor tamarin monkeys while they eat, sleep and play.

Casey Anderson’s: Wild Earth (6×3’ 4K & HD; Vision Hawk Films)
Follow wildlife expert Casey ANderson as he brings you up close and personal with North America’s most unique wildlife including Bighorn sheep, Grizzly bears, wild ermine and a pack of elusive wolves.


Prank You (6×30’HD; Blue Ant Media)
Join the prank squad as they embark on the most wildly inventive and absurd pranks ever seen on television.

The Brief (4×6’ HD; Original Inc)
Starring Jesse Rath and David Reale, The Brief follows the strained relationship between a quirky copywriter and an eccentric art director as they wade through the cliches of the advertising world.

Gary and Demons (8×30’HD/16×11’HD; Look Mom! Productions)
With a new Demon General planning to wipe out humanity, Gary and his Demon Hunting Ministry must buckle down in order to save the world from an evil it knows-not-of.


Paranormal Survivor: Evil Surrounds You (6×1’ 360 & HD; Our House Media)
This series is a collection of six scary shorts produced using 360 degree technology. From watching TV to looking for the fuse box in the basement, each short gives viewers an opportunity to search rooms, unlocking paranormal entities.

Home Chef to Pro Chef (8×1’HD; Our House Media)
In these digital shorts, our Home Chef to Pro Chef professional chefs show us how we can make the dishes that have made their restaurant famous, right in our own homes.

Brojects/Brojects In The House (36×1’/9×1’HD; Farmhouse Productions)
With a little imagination, reno masters and sports fanatics Kevin and Andrew transform household objects into DIY sports equipment and backyard games.

Blue Ant International, a Blue Ant Media division, is a leading content distribution company with the largest slate of native 4K nature and wildlife content globally. Its diverse catalog of over 2,300+ hours includes award-winning factual, factual entertainment, lifestyle, reality, documentary series, high impact docs and blockbuster formats. With offices in the UK and Toronto, the company’s library includes I’ve Got Something To Tell You (from UKTV and ZigZag Productions; 6×60’HD), Haunted Case Files (Our House Media; 13×60’HD) and How The World Ends (CMJ Productions; 6×60’HD). Blue Ant International’s offices are located in Toronto (Canada) and London (UK).