Blue Ant International Brings Its Largest Slate Of Premium Content To MIPCOM

Blue Ant International continues to expand its offering with 800+ hours across key content categories of kids and family, factual entertainment, specialist factual, high impact documentaries and digital studios

Rapid growth comes as a result of new content partnerships with third party producers, an expanded co-production slate and Blue Ant Media’s recent acquisition of the RACAT Group

Host Sarah Richardson from new lifestyle series Sarah Off The Grid (6×60’HD)

Toronto, ON (October 2, 2017) Blue Ant International, a division of Blue Ant Media and leaders in global content distribution, brings its largest slate to date with over 800 new hours of premium content to MIPCOM 2017. The distributor continues to expand its global offering with new titles added to its core pillars of kids and family, factual entertainment, specialist factual, high-impact documentaries and digital studios categories. Fresh programming added to the catalog comes as a result of new and ongoing content partnerships with globally renowned production companies including new titles from NHNZ, WildBear Entertainment, Alibi Entertainment and Our House Media, to name a few.

Blue Ant International’s new factual entertainment offerings at MIPCOM 2017 include six-part lifestyle series with celebrity designer Sarah Richardson, Sarah Off The Grid (6×60’HD; Alibi Entertainment for HGTV), from My 600 lbs Life producer is a new paranormal title UFOs: The Lost Evidence (6×60’HD; Megalomedia for American Heroes Channel); wedding planning series Crazy Beautiful Weddings (10×30’HD; Blue Ant Media for Makeful and UP TV); home renovation programme Lake Docks & Decks (8×30’HD; Blue Ant Media for Cottage Life and GAC); and from Our House Media, Famous Feuds (10×60’HD for Reelz US) and Broke and Famous (10×60’HD; for Reelz US).

Blue Ant International continues to add to its robust 4K natural history library with several new series from top-tier natural history producers. Key highlights include NHNZ’s Orangutan Jungle School (10×60’ 4K+HD; for Love Nature) and Wildest New Zealand (5×60’ 4K+HD; for Love Nature). Other series added to the wildlife and nature category include Rooted (5×60’ 4K+HD; Rooted Media for Love Nature) and, from WildBear Entertainment, Deadly Australians (4×60’ 4K+HD) and Australia’s Hidden Islands (4×60’ 4K+HD) originally produced for Love Nature.

Rounding out highlights from the slate is medical series I Waited Too Long (14×60’ Pixcom for Canal Vie); technology review show Get Connected (26×30’; Blink Media for BNN) and Fight For Justice: David & Me (1×90’HD) a docu-series for TVO from  Markham Street Films.

“Blue Ant International is offering its largest slate yet. The quality of our newest titles from top-tier storytellers is as a direct result of our global content partnership and expanded co-production slate which remain key priorities,” said Solange Attwood, SVP, Blue Ant International. “From highly promotable series to unique formats we look forward to showcasing quality content to all of our global buyers.”

New HD factual entertainment highlights:

Sarah Off The Grid (6×60’HD; Alibi Entertainment for HGTV)
Design icon Sarah Richardson is back. Step inside Sarah’s life with husband Alex, and co-conspirator Tommy Smythe, as they attempt to build an off the grid dream home from the ground up for her most important client ever: her family. It’s a race of time and money to complete the build on schedule on a remote piece of property while Sarah juggles the demands of running a design business and raising two kids.

UFOs: The Lost Evidence (6×60’HD; Megalomedia for American Heroes Channel)
Chilling accounts of current and former government officials, pilots, astronauts and astrophysicists reveal new evidence of UFO contact ranging from deep space to our deep seas. This series will shed light on an unsettling possibility … that man’s contact with UFOs is deeper and far more reaching than ever imagined.

Crazy Beautiful Weddings (10×30’HD; Blue Ant Media for Makeful and UP TV)
Indie event planner and stylist, Lynzie Kent returns with a new series that follows her wedding planning business which steers clear of typical wedding-industry clichés with truly unique, bespoke celebrations borrowing from contemporary, real-world trends in fashion, art and decor. Each episode features the execution of one amazing wedding in which Lynzie meets with a couple and then works with her team of talented and resourceful DIYers on a gamut of creative projects—such as creating mood boards, baking custom desserts, building on-site installations or crafting floral garlands—to set the stage. Finally, the wedding day will reveal how all the elements of the stunning event have come together and offer a touching glimpse of the couple’s surprise and delight as they take in an unforgettable celebration, reflective of their own love story.

Lake Decks & Docks (8×30’HD; Blue Ant Media for GAC and Cottage Life)
Licensed contractors Marshall Black and Simon Hirsh take their client’s rotting, dilapidated waterfronts to the next level with their fresh, clean designs. Whether its families looking to spend time at the lake or couples looking for a resort vibe, Marshall and Simon draw up the perfect, unique design to answer all their client’s needs.

Famous Feuds (10×60’HD; Our House Media for Reelz US)
Celebrity feuds blow up on social media faster than anything else and the current crop of stars seem more than happy to oblige. With an engaging mix of celebrity footage, punchy voice overs, and re-creations, Famous Feuds dishes up the shocking details surrounding Hollywood’s most public celebrity spats.

Broke and Famous (10×60’HD; Our House Media for Reelz US)
With agents and managers mismanaging accounts, friends and relatives looking for hand-outs, and an increasing appetite for the finer things in life, it’s no wonder celebrities find themselves in financial crisis. Broke and Famous tells the incredible real-life stories of how stars and their fortunes can be easily parted.

I Waited Too Long (14×60’; Pixcom for Canal Vie)
Self-diagnosis – whether to save time, or for fear of the results, it’s become a standard practice for most of us. Often the mysterious bump, bruise, or feeling goes away and life resumes as normal. But for some, ignoring an ailment ends with catastrophic consequences. Renovations leading to poison in the blood, an infected spot resulting in a skin cancer, an infection turning into paralysis: these may sound like urban legends, but these are the real life horror stories doctors see everyday… all because someone waited too long. This documentary series brings to life the most dreadful cases of everyday people who could have prevented their own misfortune, if only they had visited a doctor sooner.

Get Connected (26×30’HD; Blink Media for BNN)
Technology is everywhere and it can be overwhelming. From gadgets to apps and everything in between, Get Connected takes the mystery out of technology with engaging product reviews, thought provoking discussions, and informative how-to features. Get Connected gives audiences the confidence they need to enhance their lives at home and at the office. Join Mike, AJ, Sherry and Andy on weekly adventures into the world of digital living.

New 4K natural history highlights:

Orangutan Jungle School (10×40’4K&HD; NHNZ for Love Nature)
A docu-soap following the hilarious antics, triumphs and tragedies of a gang of orphan orangutans as they progress through a unique forest school system. They don’t know it yet, but these curious youngsters are destined for great things if they graduate from this school with a difference… the chance to live free in the wild. Along the way they endure all the embarrassments, tears, tantrums and teenage crushes that come with growing up orangutan.

Wildest New Zealand (5×60’4K&HD; NHNZ for Love Nature)
The islands of New Zealand are home to an entirely unique menagerie of creatures. It is a place where the normal rules don’t apply – the birds can’t fly, a small, ancient lizard is a top predator, parrots play in snowy mountain meadows and penguins roam the streets. Seals battle on the beaches, albatrosses soar on the air currents and a monster movie plays out in miniature among the dense undergrowth of this lush, vital land.

Rooted (5×60’4K&HD; Rooted Media for Love Nature)
Award-winning natural history film team Dereck and Beverly Joubert take us on an remarkable journey, revealing five of Southern Africa’s most iconic trees and the unique repertoire of animals, insects, birds and environmental elements that have created their own roots, in and around these majestic shelters.

Deadly Australians (4×60’4K&HD; WildBear Entertainment for Love Nature)
Deadly Australians takes an up close and personal look at the secret lives of Australia’s most notorious – and sometimes little known – killers, including the world’s most venomous snakes, deadly jellyfish, monster crocs, and venom-laden spiders.

Australia’s Hidden Islands (4×60’4K&HD; WildBear Entertainment for Love Nature)
Islands built entirely on shifting sands or carved from rock, where moon dancing red crabs and strange marsupials make their homes- these are the extraordinary isles that thrive in splendid isolation in Australia’s Hidden Islands.

New HD documentary highlight:

Fight For Justice: David & Me (1×90’HD; Markham Street Films for TVO)
David McCallum, a 16-year-old kid from the mean streets of Brooklyn, went to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Narrated by the documentary’s filmmaker, Ray Klonsky, the doc shares the story of the pair’s friendship which began when they were teenagers when David helped Ray turn his life around. Their unlikely bond turns this gut-wrenching wrongful conviction story into a transformative film about going the distance for what you believe.

All titles listed are available for distribution. To book a meeting at MIPCOM with Blue Ant International visit booth R8.D7 or contact

Blue Ant International, a Blue Ant Media division, is a leading content distribution company with the largest slate of native 4K nature and wildlife content globally. Its diverse catalog of over 3,000+ hours includes award-winning factual, factual entertainment, lifestyle, reality, documentary series, high impact docs and blockbuster formats. With offices in the UK and Toronto, the company’s library includes Paranormal Survivor (Our House Media; 40×60’HD), Orangutan Jungle School (NHNZ; 10×60’4K), Haunted Case Files (Our House Media; 13×60’HD) and How The World Ends (CMJ Productions; 6×60’HD). Blue Ant International has operations out of Toronto (Canada) and London (UK).