Blue Ant International Heads to MIPCOM 2018 with 250+ Hours of New Premium Programming

Blue Ant International Heads to MIPCOM 2018 with 250+ Hours of New Premium Programming

Distributor’s expanded slate of programming delivers access to untapped worlds, a growing number of prestigious production partners, marquee talent and an expanded Kids & Family offering, which now includes scripted television


Blue Ant International will bring its ever-growing slate of premium programming, delivering access to untapped worlds, a growing roster of production partners and expanded Kids & Family library, to MIPCOM this month

(Toronto, Canada – October 1, 2018) Blue Ant International, a transatlantic distributor of premium content and division of Blue Ant Media, is heading to MIPCOM this fall with over 250 hours of new original and acquired programming across its key tent-pole categories: High Impact Documentaries, Factual Entertainment, Nature & Wildlife, Kids & Family and Scripted & Digital Studios.

“This MIPCOM, Blue Ant International is delivering premium stories that represent unique access, talent-driven adventures and content that is part of the current zeitgeist. We aim to deliver a diversified slate that will drive viewership for all of our partners,” said Solange Attwood, EVP, Blue Ant International.



Blue Ant International’s MIPCOM 2018 slate includes:

High Impact Documentaries:

Prison (3×60’; HD; Spring Films) gives audiences a rare glimpse of life behind bars. For the first time in more than five years, cameras have been granted access to make a documentary inside an English prison. Capturing first-hand the escalating drug problem, the scale of violence that frontline staff and prisoners endure daily and the multiple challenges of dealing with those suffering from mental health issues, the series reflects the national issues currently facing the prison service and the human story on both sides of the door.

Cold Valley (4×60’ & 2×120’; HD; Saloon Media & Pixcom International) documents three cold cases that started in the late 1970s when five local youth mysteriously vanished. Worried parents began walking their kids to school and keeping them indoors after dark. Then, someone found body parts, wrapped in black garbage bags and floating in a river. Lewis-Clark Valley police feared they had a serial killer on their hands but soon the case went cold. Now, Detective Jackie Nichols is on the case and she’s determined to get justice.

How to Defuse a Bomb (1×90’; HD; Alleycats), narrated by Liam Neeson, is the untold story of how, over 40 years, an NYPD cop brought 23,000 children, from the worst areas of troubled Northern Ireland, to America for a summer of getting away from it all. In the process, he not only wins their hearts and minds, but also influences American politicians and contributes to winning peace in Northern Ireland.

Blue (1×60’ & 1×90’; 4K and HD; Northern Pictures) takes viewers on a provocative journey into the ocean realm, witnessing a critical moment in time when the marine world is on a precipice. Half of all marine life has been lost in the last 40 years and by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. Featuring passionate advocates for ocean preservation, this documentary takes audiences into their world where the story of our changing ocean is unfolding.

Kids & Family:

When I Grow Up! (26×11′ or 13×30′; HD; Riverbank Pictures) is the creation of Mikaela, who is on a quest to determine what she wants to be when she grows up. Fuelled by curiosity and a passion for STEM, Mikaela makes videos of her journey in a DIY production studio located in her parents garage. Her goal is to inspire and educate kids like her who are curious about the world of careers.

Detention Adventure (10×11′; HD; LoCo Motion Pictures & Broken Compass Films)

Raign, Joy, and Hulk are three nerdy friends who have to do what they’ve never done before – get in trouble so they can search the detention room for the hidden entrance to a secret laboratory. The problem? Detention is the perpetual home of their school bully, Brett. Together the foursome must overcome their differences and use science to navigate mysterious tunnels and open hidden passages in search of fame, fortune, and friendship- all while trying to discover the fabled lost laboratory of Alexander Graham Bell.

The Inspectors III (Season 3; 48×30’; HD; Litton Entertainment) continues the story of Preston Wainwright, a determined teenage boy genius who is thriving after being paralyzed in a car accident. Preston works as an intern at the U.S. Postal Inspector’s lab, assisting his U.S. Postal Inspector mom, Amanda, in solving crimes that deal with everything from internet scams, identity and mail theft and consumer fraud.

News of the Wild (37×30′; HD; Northern Pictures Kids) is an animal focused, factual entertainment news show aimed at 7-12 year olds. It is anchored in the studio by two squabbling co-hosts, Maya and Finn (or is that Finn and Maya, they can never agree), who cross to stories from a number of different locations and reporters. Sometimes the segments are factual and other times a parody on news-style bulletins or current affair programs, but News of the Wild is always bursting at the seams with animals, laughter, and enthusiasm.

Factual Entertainment:

Great Escapes with Colin & Justin (8×30’; HD; Architect Films) Designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan explore the North American wilderness to discover what lengths people will go to in order to create their perfect city escape. From hidden island cabins, to log lodges and eco homes, Great Escapes with Colin & Justin examines architecturally significant dream homes.

Hellfire Heroes (Season 1; 8×60’; HD; Pixcom) takes audiences to the untamed wilderness, where seasonal wildfires can destroy an entire town in a single day. In this series, a special breed of firefighters risk their lives to serve and protect the people who live and work in their community.

John Torode’s Middle East (10×30’; HD; Blink Films) goes on an incredible journey with Chef John Torode, who tracks down the best food in the Middle East by meeting the most inspiring local cooks and discovering the distinctive flavours of each country’s cuisine. Cooking on location with local chefs, each episode sees John recreate three sumptuous dishes.

Crazy Beautiful Weddings II (Season 2; 10×30’; HD; Blue Ant Media) follows Lynzie Kent as she ups her game creating some of the most original weddings of her career. Unlike traditional wedding planners with their usual bag of tricks, Lynzie looks for inspiration in a couple’s love story and creates truly unique and jaw-dropping celebrations with loads of personal touches. Along with her team, a new baby bump and tons of hard work, Lynzie makes every couple’s big day a totally crazy, beautiful wedding they will never forget.

Lakefront Luxury II (Season 2; 10×30’; HD; Architect Films) is the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind with stunning views, gorgeous waterfronts and serene sunsets. With unlimited budgets and endless wish-lists, each episode takes audiences on a tour of three opulent properties, along with potential buyers, as they weigh their options and ultimately decide which home is the one for them.

Best Cake Wins II (Season 2; 10×30’; HD; Architect Films) makes every child’s most awesome birthday cake a reality by letting two cake-masters design a confectionary delight based on a child guest star’s own colourful drawings. In Season 2 of this series, expert bakers are tested to their limit as they create complex and intricate birthday cakes for the most demanding judges of them all: young kids with wild imaginations!

Collision Course II (Season 2; 6×60’; HD; Muse Entertainment) shows that while every accident has its consequences, when a celebrity is involved the aftershock ripples in ways no one can predict. Collision Course dives into the scene of a vehicular crash involving an iconic celebrity and offers a moment-by-moment examination of the key factors that resulted in the fatalities or life-changing injuries. Insiders dish on the most provoking and controversial elements, while investigators dismantle the crash and put together clues to reveal telling details from evidence at the scene.

Haunted Case Files II (Season 2; 16×60’; HD; Our House Media) presents North America’s leading ghost hunters and mediums recount their most riveting supernatural experiences in this haunting new series.

100 Day Renovation (8×60’; 4K and HD; Stripe Media Limited) introduces viewers to designer Hamish Dodd, who is on a mission to renovate a heritage vacation home in just 100 days. Hamish helps a family who love their house and location, but are starting to outgrow the property.

Nature & Wildlife:

Surviving the Amazon (5×60’; 4K and HD; Blink Films) spans nine South American countries via the Amazon, the largest rainforest on the planet and home to over 2.5 million species, each uniquely adapted to stay alive in a landscape of lush, tropical jungle. In this series, volatile weather, hungry predators and dangers lurk around every tree trunk, while audiences explore what it takes to grow-up, hunt and find love when the odds are stacked against you.

Supersenses (3×60’; 4K and HD, Blink Films) is a look into the amazing world of what animals really see. Using CGI and innovative natural history filming techniques, this fascinating, perception-skewing series casts the world as it appears to creatures across the planet, allowing the viewer to see like a beast, and perceive things in a totally new way.

Colombia’s Wild Coast (2×60’; 4K and HD; Blink Films) travels across Colombia’s two stunning coasts, the 1,100 mile-long Caribbean and the 905-mile Pacific, which provide a huge diversity of habitats that are home to some of the most fascinating underwater creatures on the planet. This beautiful two-part series dives with the region’s remarkable marine animals and explores its unique maritime habitats on land, revealing why this its coastlines are home to such a dazzling array of life.

Animals Decoded (3×60’; 4K and HD; Blink Films) shares the latest science and fascinating footage of animals in the wild to reveal the secrets of animal communication. From ultra long distance whale song to infrasonic elephants to messages flashed on a cuttlefish’s skin, animals have incredible ways of flirting, fighting, chatting and bonding, waiting to be decoded.

Undiscovered Vistas III (3×60’; 4K and HD; Blue Ant Media) from skyscraping mountains to sweltering deserts to teeming jungles and ancient lost cities, Mexico is a land of extremes. This new three-part series explores the origins of these mysterious worlds and the extraordinary ways the animals they harbour must adapt to cope with hostile conditions.

In for the Kill (1×60’; 4K and HD; Blink Films) showcases one of the most dramatic events of the natural world. When a predator goes in for the kill prey scatters, dust flies and claws and teeth draw red. But how do nature’s killing machines pull off these epic feats of speed, cunning and agility? In this fast and furious two-part series, audiences get under the skin of the world’s most impressive predators to reveal how they have come to rule their domains.

Wild Latin America (3×60’; 4K and HD; Blink Films) takes audiences on a trip to South America, a continent of contrast from the lush, tropical canopies of the Amazon Rainforest to the harsh arid slopes of the Andes. This series travels to some of the world’s most unspoilt habitats left on earth, to experience the trials and tribulations for three very different species growing up, mating and surviving.

Into the Wild Columbia (5×60’; 4K and HD; Off the Fence) takes audiences on a journey to Colombia: home to one in ten species on the planet and one of the most biologically diverse countries on the Earth. Straddling the equator, viewers will learn about the country’s Pacific and Atlantic coastlines and its landscapes shaped by the soaring peaks of the Andes and carved by the mighty Amazon and Orinoco Rivers.

Into the Wild India (10×60’; 4K and HD; Off the Fence) is a 10-part journey through the magical wilderness of India, witnessing the day-to-day lives and challenges of some its most iconic species and the many other creatures with which they share their home.

Scripted & Digital Studios:

Sidemen (7×30’; HD; Blue Ant Digital Studios & Antenna Pictures) The Sidemen Show is one half reality, one half drama and three halves mayhem as the seven Sidemen brave experiences rarely seen in striking destinations across the globe as they strive to conquer the elements with a variety of surprises along the way. In the series, travel, sports and adventure fans alike can tune in to watch The Sidemen travel the world while being physically and creatively challenged by Steve Aoki, Bear Grylls, Jack Whitehall, Nicole Scherzinger, Steve-O, Kristian Nairn and more.

Deep Space 69 (8×11’; HD; Six Point Harness) follows the adventures of Jay, a space bus driver and his first mate, a koala named Hamilton. Jay is an avowed ladies man who is often distracted from completing his missions, while Hamilton is trying to avenge the death of his koala brethren. As they travel through space together with their newfound robot sidekick, P3N15, they find that despite the vastness of the universe, all they really need to survive is each other.

Lastman (26×11’; HD; Six Point Harness) is set 10 years before the events of the international hit Lastman comic series and turns the Richard Aldana’s rough and tumble routine upside-down as he’s charged with protecting the key to a mystery beyond anything he could have imagined. Defying genre, Lastman utilizes animation to uniquely combine action, suspense, the supernatural and mythology into a series that is as intriguing as it is compelling. Richard is a hero who never wanted to be one and must try saving the life of his friend’s daughter, Siri, while trying to save his own life in a boxing ring.

Blue Ant International will showcase all of this content and more at MIPCOM 2018 at booth R8.D7.

Blue Ant International is a leading content distribution company with the largest slate of native 4K nature and wildlife content globally. Its diverse catalog of over 3,000+ hours includes award-winning factual, factual entertainment, kids and family, lifestyle, reality, documentary series, high impact docs, blockbuster formats. With offices in the UK and Toronto, the company’s library includes Paranormal Survivor (Our House Media; 40×30’; HD), Teddies (Beach House Pictures Kids and Northern Pictures Kids; 90×30’; HD) and Orangutan Jungle School (NHNZ; 10×60′ & 3×60’; HDR + 4K + HD).  Blue Ant International is a division of Blue Ant Media.