Love Nature’s New Series Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs Features Inspiring Stories of Life-Saving Canines

By April 23, 2019Press Releases

Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs has its premiere on Love Nature on Saturday, May 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

(Toronto – April 23, 2018) –  Love Nature’s new original series Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs (5×50’) tells stories about the incredible lives of more than 25 working dogs. Each episode features dogs using their natural abilities, like scenting, herding and empathy, to do a job that humans simply can’t. Dog handlers have harnessed their dogs’ boundless enthusiasm and willingness to please in astonishing ways, like sniffing out endangered species, performing daring rescue missions, and supporting children with difficulties. Narrated by world-renowned, dog trainer, Victoria Stilwell, Dogs With Extraordinary Jobs premieres  Saturday, May 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Love Nature.

Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs takes viewers across Canada, the US, the UK, Europe and Africa to meet these extraordinary dogs. Each episode profiles four different dogs, each one working in a unique way. Viewers will meet the dogs and their handlers to see how they practice, train, and work together. They will discover the incredible bond between dog and human and be surprised by the variety of jobs working dogs perform.  The stories of dogs on life-saving missions or offering human support will astonish even the most passionate dog lover.

Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs taps into a special, emotional connection between animals and humans that really resonates with our audiences on Love Nature,” said Jamie Schouela, President, Canadian Media, Blue Ant Media. “Having Victoria Stilwell as the narrator gives this series world-class insight and really brings the extraordinary relationship that we share with dogs to life.”

The first two episodes include:

  • Episode 1 – The Rescuers
    Sat., May 4 at 8 pm ET/PT
    George the Great Dane gives a 13-year-old girl with a life-limiting physical condition physical and emotional support. A search-and-rescue border collie cross named Rocket helps the California Task Force searching for survivors in earthquakes, hurricanes and mudslides. Ruger the anti-poaching dog detects illegal ivory and smuggled wildlife in Zambia. And in Italy, a Newfoundland dog named Reef helps teach a German shepherd the skills she needs to become a water rescue dog.
  • Episode 2 – The Lifesavers
    Sat., May 11 at 8 pm ET/PT
    At a South African airport, border collies chase birds to prevent collisions with aircraft. In the UK, a sprocker spaniel’s extraordinary sense of smell and the natural protective instinct of the Anatolian shepherd dog together help in the conservation of endangered species. In Atlanta, a rescue dog helps support a child with autism.

Other highlights include episode five that features Hilo, a labrador cross and a team of canine detectives in Alberta, Canada who are helping prevent an ecological disaster by sniffing out the destructive zebra mussel wreaking havoc on lakes and rivers.

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