Prepare for a Wild Ride as Love Nature’s Highest-Rated Series Orangutan Jungle School Swings into Season Two

By November 11, 2019Press Releases

Premieres Dec. 1 at 8 pm ET/PT as part of  Love Nature’s Free Preview Event

Airing as part of Love Nature’s free preview, Orangutan Jungle School season two follow the triumphs, drama, and antics of displaced orphan orangutans, including albino ape Alba (pictured), in a forest school system in Borneo

(Toronto, ON – Nov. 11, 2019) – If their habitat continues to disappear to make way for palm oil production, orangutans could become extinct in our lifetime.* Season two of Love Nature’s highest-rated series Orangutan Jungle School (10×60’) gives viewers an inside look at the Nyaru Menteng Sanctuary, a unique forest school that rehabilitates displaced orangutans left orphaned as a result of their mother’s being hunted for food, captured for illegal pet-trade, or left isolated due to deforestation. Follow the triumphs, drama and hilarious antics of orangutans like Alba, a rare albino orangutan, Big Boy Beni, the standout fan-favourite from season one, and Dilla, the sanctuary’s first-ever pregnant schoolgirl, as they learn the skills they need to graduate and live free again in the wild. An original Love Nature production, Orangutan Jungle School season two airs Sundays at 8 pm ET/PT starting Dec. 1 on Love Nature during the channel’s eight-week free preview event running from Nov. 4 to Jan. 5, 2020 across Canada. 

“Audiences worldwide love Orangutan Jungle School, especially our Canadian viewers. We have had many fans write in to ask us when we will be airing new episodes,” says Jamie Schouela, President, Canadian Media. “We’re happy to premiere season two during our free preview event so even more Canadians can connect with the endearing orangutans that our viewers have come to love.” 

Each episode of season two highlights the emotional stories of various orangutan personalities as they progress through the Nyaru Menteng Sanctuary in Borneo, Indonesia, where the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation’s (BOSF) highly skilled team manages the largest primate rescue and rehabilitation project in the world. 

Here, the infants start their journey in ‘baby school,’ as the BOSF caregivers take on the role of surrogate mothers to teach the orphans how to climb trees and build sleeping nests. The cameras follow the orangutan’s progression from nursery to a university-like graduation, which celebrates the orangutan’s mastering valuable skills needed for survival, from avoiding predators, to making tree nests, and foraging for food. From nursery to university, it takes approximately eight years for an orangutan to reach adulthood, graduate from Orangutan Jungle School, and be released back into the wild. 

The all-new season follows the BOSF staff as they go to extreme lengths to nurture and care for these critically endangered apes. Season two shows the team tackle a variety of challenges, including flu viruses, lack of resources, environmental issues and the inevitable emotional attachments, and devastation they feel for these lovable primates.

The first two episodes include: 

  • Episode One – The Domino Effect
    Sunday, December 1, 2019, at 8 p.m. ET/PT
    Big changes are afoot for some of the pupils at Orangutan Jungle School, where orphaned orangutans learn the forest skills they need to survive in the wild. Four new arrivals join the nursery classes, and some familiar faces move up a grade. For a handful of adolescent males, it’s their last day at forest school with their classmates. They’re growing too big and boisterous for the babysitters to handle safely so it’s time for them to move on and wait for space on one of the pre-release islands.
  • Episode Two – Dilla’s Surprise
    Sunday, December 8, 2019, at 8 p.m. ET/PT
    It’s another day of high drama at Orangutan Jungle School. After the nursery students graduated, it’s time for Jelapat, Talaken, Bawan and Rona to join their fellow classmates at their all-new jungle classroom. Back at the main compound, suspicions about Dilla are confirmed after a thorough examination reveals some life-changing news.

Orangutan Jungle School season two premieres Sunday, December 1 at 8 pm ET/PT on Love Nature during the channel’s eight-week free preview event across Canada. 

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Orangutan Jungle School season two is created, executive produced, and written by Judith Curran. Kyle Murdoch serves as Executive in Charge in Production and Anya Durling is Head of Development. Alison Barrat, VP, Development & Production and James Manfull, Executive Producer oversee the series on behalf of Love Nature 4K.

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