Blue Ant International Announces Sales of Premium Content Heading into NATPE 2020

Over 320 hours sold across Latin America, the United States and Canada

Blue (1 x 90’ 4K & HD | 1 x 60′ 4K & HD; Northern Pictures), licensed by National Geographic across Latin America, is one of multiple specialist factual titles from Blue Ant International sold across the Americas

(Toronto, Canada – January 16, 2019)
Blue Ant International announces a crop of new licensing deals ahead of NATPE 2020 that amount to more than 320 hours of content placed across platforms in the Americas (the U.S., U.S. Hispanic market, Latin America, English and French-speaking Canada). The deals include programming across the distributor’s broad array of genres including specialist factual, factual entertainment, high-impact documentary series and scripted. The deals were brokered by Ludo Dufour, SVP, International Co-Productions and Sales and Nick Solowski, Director, International Sales & Acquisitions. Blue Ant International’s expanding catalog will be available for additional licensing opportunities at NATPE 2020, represented by Ludo Dufour.  

“Blue Ant International is committed to providing compelling programming and storytelling that resonates with audiences across the Americas,” says Ludo Dufour, SVP, International Co-Productions and Sales, Blue Ant International. “Our diverse offering across genres reflects our continued approach to partnering with top-tier production companies to offer premium content.”

Blue Ant International has secured sales to National Geographic for its Latin American and U.S. Hispanic platforms. Across Latin America, as well as the Caribbean and U.S. Hispanic networks, National Geographic is set to broadcast Airport Below Zero (10 x 60’; HD; Our House Media), a dramatic look at the inner workings of the world’s most northerly major airport. Additionally, in Latin America, National Geographic has licensed Colombia’s Wild Coast (2 x 60’; 4K & HD; Blink Films) an exploration of Colombia’s unique coastline habitats that are home to some of the most fascinating underwater creatures on the planet and Blue (1 x 90’ 4K & HD | 1 x 60′ 4K & HD; Northern Pictures), a provocative journey into the ocean realm that explores this critical time when the marine world is on a precipice.  

Globosat in Brazil has licensed Great Blue Wild Season 3 (18 x 60’; 4K & HD; Blue Ant Media Productions), which showcases underwater footage from the world’s greatest divers as they encounter massive humpbacks, majestic manta rays, and menacing sharks.

In Mexico, Canal 22 is set to launch three titles from Blue Ant International’s portfolio including: Who Killed Gandhi? (2 x 60’ HD | 1 x 90’ HD; Karma Films), the definitive inquiry into the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi that unveils a multilayered conspiracy; Deadly Australians (4 x 60’ 4K & HD; Wildbear Entertainment), an up-close look at the world’s most venous snakes, deadly jellyfish, monster crocs and venom-laden spiders; and Wild Latin America (3 x 60’ 4K & HD; Blink Films), which travels to some of the most unspoilt habitats on Earth to uncover how different species survive in the diverse regions of South America.

In the United States, Blue Ant International has secured the sale of Season 3 of Best Cake Wins (30 x 30’; HD; Architect Films) to BYUtv, a series which it funded and commissioned. The series is a baking competition in which two expert bakers create intricate birthday cakes for the most demanding judges of them all: young kids with wild imaginations.

REELZ, has renewed its run of Celebrity Legacies (26 x 60’ HD; CMJ Productions) is an inside look at celebrity deaths, which, much like the lives of these famous people in the spotlight, prove to be controversial, fascinating, and full of drama. 

Meanwhile, SYFY has licensed the short-form, animated series Don’t Feed the Humans (17 x 5’; HD; Look Mom! Productions, a Blue Ant Studios company), for its late-night animation block, TZGZ. An irreverent and satirical comedy that follows self-centred Jack, who is abducted and forced to live in an alien zoo with other humans from throughout human history. 

In Canada, documentary channel, majority owned by CBC, has picked up docuseries Cold Valley (4 x 60’; HD; Pixcom Productions & Saloon Media, a Blue Ant Studios company) for English Canada, which recounts the gruesome murder of five local youth from Lewis-Clark Valley in the 1970s and the detective who is determined to get justice. 

The Miracle Network Channel’s streaming service, Corco, has licensed a multitude of Blue Ant International titles for Canadian viewers, including: Season 1 of Sarah 101 (13 x 30’; HD; SRH Productions) a dynamic, crash course in design from iconic designer, Sarah Richardson; Strange Creatures, Season 2 (6 x 30’; 4K & HD; Blue Ant Studios), which reveals astounding adaptations, marvellous mating rituals and amazing abnormalities among the weirdest of wildlife; Fearless in the Kitchen, Season 3 (13 x 30’; HD; Fusion Television) a transformative look at how celebrity chef Christine Cushing, transforms terrible cooks into fearless gourmets; Attack & Defend (6 x 60’; 4K & HD; Blue Ant Studios), which examines nature’s battle royale between predators and prey; Pick a Puppy, Season 3 (8 x 30’; HD; Rhino Content), a series of heartwarming journeys with families as they find the perfect puppy; Africa’s Claws and Jaws, Episodes 1 and 3 (2 x 60’; 4K & HD; Off The Fence), an in-depth look at some of the most dangerous animals know to man; and Expedition Antarctica (1 x 60’; HD; NHNZ) a documentary following a team of marine scientists embarking on a journey across the Great Southern Ocean to Antarctica. 

For CBC’s French-speaking network, SRC Network will air Hope For Wildlife, seasons five through seven (39 x 60; 4K & HD; Arcadia Entertainment), which follows wildlife advocate Hope Swinimer and her team who rescue thousands of sick, injured, and lost animals and return them to their natural habitats. SRC’s specialty channel Explora has picked up the first season of Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs (5 x 60’; 4K & HD; Oxford Scientific Films) an indepth look at how dogs are saving lives, preventing potential disaster, rescuing families and protecting entire species.  

For French-speaking Canada, Quebecor Content has picked up Orangutan Jungle School, Season 1 (10 x 60’ 4K & HD; NHNZ) for Club illico. The docu-series follows the hilarious antics, triumphs and tragedies of a gang of orphan orangutans in a unique forest school; Gary and His Demons (8 x 30’ HD | 16 x 11’ HD; Look Mom! Productions, a Blue Ant Studios Company), an animated comedy about a cantankerous, aging demon slayer who has nothing left to lose and Blue (1 x 90’ 4K & HD | 1 x 60′ 4K & HD; Northern Pictures), a provocative journey into the ocean realm that explores this critical time when the marine world is on a precipice. 

Blue Ant International is a leading worldwide distributor of high-quality, creative content that engages audiences worldwide and across multiple platforms. The company offers a full-service approach to production partners with sales operations in London, Toronto and Los Angeles. Blue Ant International has a growing slate of over 3,500 hours of premium content, including distinctive series and formats in five key genres including factual entertainment, specialist factual, high-impact documentaries, kids and family, and scripted. Blue Ant International also has one of the world’s largest offerings of 4K natural history content.